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Vinzant Software announces realease GECS Version 4.80
Vinzant Software announces release of GECS version 4.80 today. This release contains a new Web Client Administrator.

Apache Log4j Vulnerablilty
The recently announced Apache Log4j vulnerability does not affect Global ECS. GECS does not utilize Apache, Apache Log4j, java or java logging of any sort and consequently we see no way that GECS can be vulnerable to this exploit.

Vinzant Software announces release GECS Version 4.71
Vinzant Software has released version 4.71 of GECS. This release includes agent level envionment variables. A new field on the Agent Characteristics tab is used to maintain a list of environmetal variables for the agent to set prior to running jobs.

Vinzant Software announces release GECS Version 4.7
Vinzant Software announced today that version on 4.7 of GECS has been released today. Some of the major enhancements include support for Service Level Agreements with an SLA Monitor, FTP Proxy support, SQL Variables, comparison dependencies and much more.


Vinzant Software announces release GECS Version 4.6

Vinzant Software announced the release of GECS version 4.6 today. Some of the major enhancements include a new SAP job type, rescheduling based from the batch detail information, job templates, direct support for SQL Server® and Oracle® job types and improved email support. There have also been many enhancements to the browser-based clients.

OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Does Not Affect Global ECS
The recently announced Heartbleed bug doesn't affect Global ECS. The only GECS component that uses OpenSSL is the Web Manager and it needs to be manually configured to do so. GECS uses v0.9.8 of OpenSSL which does not contain the bug that was introduced in v1.0.1

GECS 4.50 Released Vinzant Software Announces the Release of GECS 4.50

GECS 4.22 Released
Vinzant Software Announces the Release of GECS 4.22

GECS 4.21 Released
Global ECS 4.21 is now available for download . More>>

GECS 4.20 Released
Vinzant Software is pleased to announce the release of GECS 4.20.
Many enhancements
are included in this release. More>>

GECS v4.10 Released

GECS 4.10 has been released and is ready for download . More>>

GECS v4.01 Beta
GECS v4.01 is in the final stages of beta testing and is just weeks away from being released. More>>

New Features Announced for GECS v4.01
Enhancements for the next version of Global ECS® are nearly complete. Vinzant Software interviewed many end users which helped shape the plans for version GECS® 4.01. More>>



Monitoring Jobs and Batches
You can use the GECS Administrator Web Client to monitor and manage your GECS jobs.

Using Metadata
You can enter text in the Batch Metadata field. This text can then be used for filtering job views to make it faster and easier to find your GECS jobs.

Creating an FTP Job
File Transfer jobs execute FTP commands between the GECS Windows Agent and your FTP, FTPS, FTPES, SFTP or SCP server. Traditional FTP commands such as GET, PUT are supported.

Using Encrypted Credentials
GECS can automate your jobs securely by allowing you to define credentials with encrypted passwords. These credentials can be used when GECS launches a job.

SQL Query Samples
This document contains a variety of sample SQL Queries that customers have requested in the past. These samples are provided as a starting point for your own custom reporting if you need details outside of the lists offered using the GECS Administrator program.

Web Browser Client - Batch Studio
The v4.80 Web Browser Client contains a Batch Studio organizational tool used to create, illustrate, and arrange GECS batch jobs into logical job streams.

Notification Lists
Notification lists make it easy to store, share, change and reuse email and user group information.

Fine Tuning and Maintaining GECS
Here are some ways to keep GECS running at maximum performance.

Pause GECS with Scheduled Job
You can schedule a job via GECS that launches a batch file to cause the GECS components (system manager and controller) to temporarily pause for a predetermined amount of time.

Scan Output Through a File
In most cases the scan output fields will be sufficient to determine the return code based on the captured output, but in some situations you might need more flexibility. In this case you can use a scan file by specifying the file name.

Using Resources
Resources represent hardware, software, or other things (hardware or software, physical or logical) that are needed by jobs. Resources are limited in quantity either because only certain GECS Agents have them or there is a limited quantity of them on the system. Consequently, resources are either assigned to specific Agents or they are system wide resources.

WRK Files
WRK (pronounced work) files are one of the most powerful features of GECS. WRK files are used to add jobs or batch jobs to the GECS system without using the GECS Client programs. This is the easiest way to interface with GECS from other programs.

FTP Trigger Files
Jobs and depend on the presence or absence of single or multiple files. The trigger files can be entered in either standard drive/subdirectory format or in FTP format.



Knowledge, support and advice are critical elements of Vinzant Software’s delivery model. Vinzant Software prides itself in providing excellent resources in three key areas to make certain you’re successful with our solutions:

Professional Services
Vinzant Software Professional Services offer a full set of consulting services for each phase of GECS deployment. Our consultants and engineers have substantial experience and can provide assistance from assessment and implementation right through upgrade planning.

GECS training can be delivered either at your site or via our very popular online classes. Online training classes are compartmentalized into courses for schedulers, operators and administrators.
View GECS Course Catalog Here>>

GECS Support Services
Vinzant Software is committed to providing superior support and problem resolution to our customers. Two levels of support are offered:
Basic Support

  • Unlimited telephone support Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CDST excluding holidays. Call 219.942.9544 and have your PIN ready to get support now.

  • Unlimited email support for non-critical issues>>

Gold Support 24x7x365 Add-On

  • This provides for five off-hour support incidents that may be used to obtain technical support outside of normal support hours. Call the Sales Team now for a quote.

Contact the GECS Sales Team for more information on any of these services.

Phone: 219.942.9544


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